Amazing Alva…The Teacher Guide

Amazing Alva…The Teacher Guide

Have you ever had the feeling you’re being helped to learn a new skill?  Like there’s an external force helping and inspiring you to pick up that book, or ask for help on something you’ve been putting off?

Well, you may be in the company of your teacher guide.

Teacher guides come to you when you’re ready to learn and grow in a different way.  They’re like the whisper that says’ “It’s time to start that new experience”.  They seem to wait until the exact moment when you’re on the precipice of, ‘should I, or shouldn’t I’.

My teacher guide is Alva.  He has a subtle and very gentle energy.  He’s wise and kind, and is there when I’m going through extreme learning experiences.  This happens a lot, for me.  Having Learner as a strength, I’m constantly looking to learn new things.  But recently, I’ve felt the pull of Alva to learn in a different way.

He’s encouraging me to be disciplined and resourceful.  He encourages my learning to be practical and useful.  And express kindness and grace towards the experience.  Although energy may not have a distinct female or male form, I do feel him as more masculine than feminine.

For me, learning is an activity, where I collate and absorb information, and then use what I’ve learned in a practical and (hopefully) useful way.  The masculine energy is active, supportive, manifesting, orgnanised and disciplined.   Where the feminine energy is more intuitive, non-active, receptive and nurturing.

With Alva’s energy by my side I feel compelled to take action, and create opportunities to learn new things and, teach what I know.  It’s a wonderful guided experience that YOU TOO can create.

So how do you connect with your own teacher guide (if you haven’t already) and feel the rich warmth of support while learning new things and growing your spirit?

Set Your Intention to meet your teacher guide, especially if you’re looking to start a new project or need clarity around your ideas.

Ask for help.  Every time I create something new, I ask for help.  Whether it’s a new writing piece, a reading or coaching session I’m providing, a new business idea I’m floating or just something new I’d like to learn, I ask for help.

Let go of the outcome.  I allow myself to be guided to what’s true, and sometimes even encourage the universe to work through me.  Letting go of the outcome, allows inspiration to flow your way, and for magic to be created.  At times, it’s a heavenly experience, others, it might just come straight from my heart.  Inspiration is unpredictable and often unexpected.

Image how your teacher guide feels.  Try to remember times of learning and growth, where you felt protected, assisted and supported.  How did that feel?  Did you notice a particular familiar energy around you, or a familiar feeling?  Our guides are only as real as we make them.  A lot of them are tapping at the window, trying to communicate, but no one’s listening.  I know I’ve mentioned this before, but please pay attention to what you’re experiencing.

Your guide will come to you in the white space.  I learnt about The White Space from a divine Earth Angle named Danielle LaPorte.  It’s in the white space where you make time for your inspiration to come to you.  For ideas and visions to come.  It’s the space you make time to do nothing, but wait, listen and come back to presence.

Lastly, express gratitude.  Guides are busy too.  Appreciate their presence in your life, and thank your teacher guide for their assistance.  Yesterday I picked some Lavender for Alva and put it in a little vase next to my computer.  A token of appreciation for the support and love I’ve been feeling for over a week now.  My words today are also a sign of my love and appreciation for his support.

I hope I’ve inspired you to connect to your own teacher guide today, I just know, they’ll be excited to hear from you!

In gratitude to you

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