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What to do when fear turns into paralysis

What to do when fear turns into paralysis

Over the course of my life, there’ve been times where I’ve felt crippled with fear.  And, sometimes it’s hard to identify what the fear is.  Sometimes it’s fear of failure, sometimes it’s fear of being rejected, and sometimes it’s an elusive feeling of just being scared.

Most times, I’d been able to move through these moments with my “I don’t care what you think” attitude.  Which of course only runs skin deep.  There’ve been times when I’ve put my heart and soul on the line, only to be crushed with criticism and rejection.

These fragments of pain hold tight when new initiatives arise.  And, I’m reminded how important it is to keep going, even in the face of potential adversity.

Fear is a constant companion in my life.  It reminds me that I’m human with feelings and deep emotions.  It encourages me to overcome anxiety, and face the demons created from past experiences.

It spurs me on when my mind floods with doubt.  And, keeps me safe in times of true danger.

But, when it calls to hold me back from creating my path and leading my life where I want it to go, I fight the paralysis and find ways to work together.

When I know in my heart the actions to take, but my mind fills with ‘worse case scenarios’, I say enough!

I choose to stop thinking.

It’s the thoughts inside that create the paralysis, not the fear itself.  Fear is an instinctual reaction to danger and uncertainty.  A very important human emotion.  But, when it starts to control your decisions, you run the risk of staying stagnant and without life force.

Here are some tips to move from fearful paralysis to freedom of movement:

  1. Stop thinking! Move first, think later.  You already know in heart what you need to do, so do it, and think about it later.  Clear your mind of all negativity and doubt.  I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s super important to practice and refine this skill until it’s second nature.
  2. Trust your intuition. YOU KNOW BEST!  Not your hubby or your family and friends, with the best advice they can offer.  YOU!  Even the worst decisions of your life had purpose and meaning, AT THAT TIME.
  3. There are NO wrong decisions or actions. There’s just your decision, and your  Consistent movements in the direction you want to go, starts to lay the path forward.  You’ll know when it’s time to walk, run and rest.  Trust in the decisions you make.  You can make decisions for yourself!
  4. Open your mind to possibility. There’s ALWAYS a multitude of options available to you.  Open your heart, open your eyes and ears.  Listen, feel and be guided by what you already know, and what you’re willing to learn.  Possibility is a deal breaker for fear.  Fear would have you believe there’s only one result.  Shift your thinking towards the possibility of your imagination.  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!
  5. Believe in what you’re doing. Fear will arise the […]
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