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What is Transition Energy, and how can I survive it?

What is Transition Energy, and how can I survive it?

This morning I’d like to share my thoughts on an energy type called ‘transition energy’.  It can feel like to most challenging and disruptive energy to go through, but also, the most important.

So, what is transition energy? 

You know how sometimes you find yourself testy or anxious for no reason? Or, like you’ve finally had enough of a situation where you just can’t stomach the same old anymore.  Or maybe, you find yourself testing the boundaries in an attempt to break out of the cocoon you’ve created?  This particular energy I like to call ‘transition energy’.

Transition energy is the period of time where you choose (consciously or subconsciously) to break free from a limiting pattern that’s been holding you back for far too long.  Or maybe it’s just the breaking away from a belief that you’ve held dearly for generations.  The energy can feel unsafe but uplifting and exciting at the same time.  It can feel anxious and scary, like a part of you is dying, and you try hard to hold yourself together.

Above all, transition energy is an opportunity to take great leaps of personal awareness. Patterns are shown to you and new decisions are made, sometimes whether you like it or not.  The energy can show up in an unexpected accident or incident of the heart, other times it can be subtle and gentle, encouraging you to find a different way of looking at yourself in the world.

For most of us it’s a very challenging time.  You can feel the pull of the old holding you in place, in that familiar zone of comfort and reassurance, however the transition energy encourages you to be brave and step into a new realm of possibility and growth.

If you allow yourself to be pulled out of your pattern, a new sense of awareness and courage will emerge.  New beliefs will start to grow within you, in place of the ones that were holding you back.  And the anxiety starts to shift into excitement, for a broader sense of self and commitment to higher learning.

When you feel transition energy, take great care of yourself.  At this time more than any, you start looking for external ways to nurture and comfort yourself.  Gather around you friends and rituals that support your development, and care for you heart in every way you can.  The energy will start to move and you’ll come out the other side with a fresh view of life and your part in life.  In a sense renewed and vibrant, like the shedding of a snake skin, all shinny and new, ready for the next cycle of change.

If you’re in transition now and feeling a little unsure how to cope, just know there are others feeling the exact same way.  I know I am, I feel scared and excited at the same time.  Scared because I’m not sure how to remain balanced and feel secure while shifting my energy, and at the same time excited, […]

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