How to find balance in an ever-demanding world

How to find balance in an ever-demanding world

I’m sorry it’s been so long.  Grandad passed away on the 22nd March, following came the sadness of loss and a funeral service.  Then on the 31st March we experienced a 100-year flood, following then came the clean-up, and finding some type of normal…

But today, let’s talk about you.

How can you find some type of balance in this ever-demanding world of choice and opportunity? 

And, is it even possible to believe that you can lead a balanced life?

Maybe it’s time to redefine what balance means to you.  It may not mean strategically separating your time and resources into values and priorities.  It may just mean that you focus on what’s important for now, and leave everything else to the universe.

So, the problem may not be that you can’t find a balanced life, it might be that finding the ability to focus on what’s important is harder than you imagined.

Finding a graceful way to say “No” to friends and social interactions, when you know the best thing to do is work your butt off.  Or, resisting the urge to watch that mini-series on TV, when you know intimacy with your man is more important.

Balance comes from understanding where your energy is needed the most, every minute, of every day.

How amazing have you felt in the past to achieve something that’s been on your agenda for literally weeks/months (or dare I say it YEARS!).  How did you feel, challenging your energy to where it was needed most and succeeding with inner freedom?

No guilt, that you didn’t pick up the phone when mum called, scrambling to get a project finished.  No guilt, that you ignored the pile of work on your desk when you needed to watch your daughter’s first ballet lesson.

Your life is so multifaceted.  And, your time is gold.

Pay attention to where the energy is pulling you and be willing to move in that direction.  Even if it’s up hill and hard slog.  Stay the course and be brave enough to say no to distraction and resistance.

Go where the energy is calling, and be rewarded with inner freedom and success.

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