Finding your inner value!

Finding your inner value!

It’s hard to interpret value.  Value and worth mean different things to different people.

Your value is the combination of your thoughts, experiences and perceptions.

A well-known brand could be perceived as a valued product.  But what if you’re not well known, and your skills are new.

What if you have deep creativity inside, of immense value to others, but you’re finding it difficult to align with a currency?

My insight for today is to feel it.  Feel your value in every way you can.  Feel it in your bones, blood cells and skin particles.  Feel it until it bursts out of you and radiates around you!

Your value is an extension of your inner worth.  Pay attention to the little things you do that give massive value to others.  Your smile, your comforting voice, your listening ear, how someone feels when they’re around you…

It’s time to extend your perception to higher realms of vibration.  Value isn’t just what you do, it’s who you are, how you show up and how big your dreams are.

Your mind will automatically design a strategy to achieve what you focus on.  For you to feel more valuable, expand your awareness.  Expand yourself, by learning new skills, testing new initiatives, and being brave by speaking up!

Choose your value.  Walk in your value shoes for a while and see if they fit.  If they don’t feel right, you may need a size it up or down.  Walk in what feels right for now.  Then, as you grow, your shoe size will grow with you.

All it takes is one decision.  One decision to feel more, give more and receive more.  You’re perfectly unique.  One person is no more valuable than the next.

Dare to dream!  Dare to be bold!  Dare to show up, EVERY DAY!  Keep focusing on expanding your vibration from the inside.  Share yourself openly and freely with others.  Knowing you have more to give!

Your internal perception dictates your value vibration.  You’re created to shine brightly, and deliver excellence in the places your heart tugs the most.

Follow your curiosity, own your value on the inside, express gratitude and always remember, to ask for help.

You’re more valuable than you think!

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Jude's a professional Life Coach, who helps women build confidence, so they can create incredible lives.

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