Finding a way to let others down

Finding a way to let others down

I know you’ve been there.  It starts out all innocent and fun.  You want to help them, and it feels good to be needed.  Then it happens.  You get entrenched.  You get involved.  And before you know it, the help you loving offered in the beginning, starts to feel like a bourdon.

It’s ok.  It happens.  You’ve grown and changed.  You’ve shared your knowledge, and hopefully, they’ve picked it up.  And, if they haven’t, now’s the time for them to integrate what they’ve learnt.  So you can move on and inspire, uplift and educate someone else.

Finding a way to let go is never easy.  You may even feel like you’re letting your friends and loved ones down.  Please let me assure you, that’s NOT the case.

You’ve already helped them enormously with your generous nature, time and experience.  You’ve enriched their lives with ideas, systems and inspirations.

Now it’s time to look inside and see where you’re holding on.  You already feel it’s time to go and let them spread their own wings, so what’s really holding you back from saying ‘no more’?

Is it your need for them to need you?  Do you think they won’t be able to cope without your expertise and guidance?  Is your ego loving the thrill of being the one in the know, with all the answers and experience?

Maybe the real concern for you is, what if they can survive and prosper without you?  What if I’m NOT needed anymore?

In this situation, I most certainly hope they can thrive and soar, otherwise, you haven’t done your job!  As a leader, it’s your job to grow, inspire and uplift others.  There’ll always be new souls that need your wisdom and guidance.  Believe me, their lining up at the door!

It’s up to you to know when it’s time to let them go.  You’re not letting others down, you’re encouraging them to fly on their own.  You’ll always be felt on a soul level, as the one who inspired and shared without the thought of needing anything in return.  But, there’s always a time, when you step back and allow others to shine.

If your heart is aching to let go of a situation where you’ve given all you can give, now’s the time to let go.  Sit back and watch those you’ve helped take flight.  That’s the true purpose of a leader.

Now, in the spirit of all things fabulous, I’d LOVE to hear from you.  How do you know when it’s time to let go, and how do find the courage to do it?  Leave a comment below and share your knowledge for others!

Love to you

Jude xx

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