Follow your curiosity and find your vision

Follow your curiosity and find your vision

The New Year can bring up all forms of excitement and hope.  Dreams of new beginnings or final endings.  Whatever you New Year intentions are, absolute clarity will always help you create it faster.

In our world of unlimited choice, it’s hard to focus and determine our unique vision.

We are multifaceted.  Your unique gifts and strengths are aligned with many professions and skills.  Your greatest clue to uncovering a unique skill set or service, lies within your curiosity.

Your creative vision is alive and evolving.  Through all the different platforms of creative expression.  Your work, your interactions with your friends and your creativity.

It’s through the letting go of ego and fear where the curiosity is allowed to shine and glow brightly.

Quiet meditation and gentle yoga or movement, allows the flow of energy to work through you.  Bringing space to your bones and muscles.  Your cells are alive with vibrant consciousness.  They inform you, and work for you, to create a life of opportunity.

Connection to curiosity is the light you seek.  A softening of ego allows for vision to be seen and heard.

Your vision sits at the tip of your consciousness.  Through all the actions you engage.  It’s your perception of work and status that hides your true self.  The status that comes from an occupation or profession hides the true value behind your worth.

You are not your occupation or your career.  You’re more than that.  You’re eternal, evolving through your intimate gifts and talents.  Your gifts and talents may show up in your occupation, they may even dominate your occupation allowing for your rise to success, but your occupation doesn’t define who you are.

It takes more bravery to align with your truth, than it takes to just survive.  That choice you made to just make do, or that choice you made to not follow your dream, was your choice to not align with your unique set of gifts and talents.

Gifts are not to be taken for granted.  They’re to be nurtured, cultivated and expressed.  By holding back who you naturally are, not only do you suffer with higher anxiety, depression and confusion, you rob the people who need what you have.

You’re connected to the people who need your unique set of gifts.  The universe is not a set of random coincidences, it’s a structured, methodical system of time, space and events, all working together to give you the best possible opportunity to express who you are.

The people in your life are the best possible subjects for you to grow your gifts.  New people will come to help you when you need them.  They’ll inspire you, challenge you and create situation for you to live your vision.

Your vision isn’t something you do, it’s who you are.  And you live it through the actions you take, conversations you have, and the decisions you make.

Open your heart to the hell-yes opportunities and be willing to risk failure.  Failure is inevitable.    How you deal with failure is your true learning and where your greatest gifts reside.

Make this year the year for bravery.  The year where you choose to say yes to your curiosity and follow your heart.  It may be in the form of part-time study or a new belief.  But, whatever it is, it will unlock parts of you bursting to be expressed!

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