Goals, Values and Heartfelt Wonder…

Goals, Values and Heartfelt Wonder…

How many times have you tried to achieve something only to fall short with disappointment?  Or, you’ve worked hard and achieved your goal, only to feel empty and dissatisfied at the end?

Without a clear understanding of how your goals are backed by your values, it’s very possible these two scenarios will continue to occur.

So, how can you uncover what’s really important to you and what values make up your unique behaviours?

Take some time out, and write down what you keep thinking about and putting first.  What’s the one thing that you’ve been committed to in the last year? And, what have been the results?  Have the results, warmed your heart or left you feeling empty?

As Tony Robbins says “Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience”.

This year I set an intention to ‘have fun with Dave’, and, the results have been extremely rewarding!  We’re more connected that ever before, and less likely to be upset with each other’s moods.  I put my relationship to the top of my values.  Re-aligning this value to the top of my value pyramid, meant that a lot of my actions, thoughts and behaviours supported my intention.  And, I succeeded!  And, felt awesome doing it!

My intention was in alignment with my values, and my actions and thoughts set about conditions to achieve my desired outcome.  And, because my outcome was in alignment with my heart and core value system, achieving my goal felt amazing and rewarding.

So how can you come into alignment to ensure the goals you set are actually what you really want to achieve, and, that you don’t spend your day consumed with other people’s agenda’s, leaving you feeling empty and unproductive?

Have a little think about what you’d like to achieve, your grand goals for the future.  Then, have a little think about what’s important to you.  If creating a mega global business is your goal, but spending time with your family is important to you, your goal and values may not be in alignment.  You may end up putting a lot of time into achieving business greatness, and succeed, but at the same time feel unhappy because you never see your family.

Vision utopia is when your vision, your values, beliefs and your actions are all in alignment with your heart.  You spend the majority of your time living your vision and re-aligning your values and actions to reflect your changing life circumstances.

Get very specific with your goals, the clearer you are, the easier it will be to achieve and align with your values.  Look down the future line if you can and try to imagine how you’d feel when you’ve achieved your goal, how important is it to you?  What conditions will you need to sacrifice to achieve it and will be it worth it?  What will you need the change within yourself to achieve your goal?

Have some fun and test your own goals Do they really support who you are now? Are you dedicating the time to achieving them, or is something else always more important?  Be acutely aware of how you feel about your goals and where you see yourself in the future.

So let’s wrap it up with a few top pointers:

  • Decide what’s most important to you (for now)
  • Are your actions and thoughts in alignment with what’s important to you?
  • What are your current goals for the future?
  • Do they support what’s important to you?
  • How do you feel when you spend time doing what’s important to you?
  • How can you find ways to align what’s important to you with your goals?
  • How do your goals and values align with your overall vision?
  • Lastly, put your hand on your heart and check in, does this feel true for me, or am I setting these goals to please or support someone else’s agenda?

Until next time, have fun brain storming your next big heartfelt adventure!!

Sending heaps of success your way today!

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