How Big Is Your Brave?

How Big Is Your Brave?

How often do you consider stepping out of your comfort zone and trying a new strategy?  Or listening to the words of wisdom from someone you admire, and then adopting them as your own?

How willing are you to step into the void of unknown, armed with just your experiences and a will to learn?

As I consider my next level of learning and adventure, I’m reflecting on how much I actually step into my own brave, at the times when I most need it.  I’m constantly aware of the anxiety that swells within me when I need to speak up or back my heart felt belief.

I grew up in an environment of strong dominant women, where I felt the need to defend my crazy ideas and inspirations.  My ideas were always very different to my mum and sister, and I was constantly put aside with a pat on the head, “that’s just Jude…”

Have you ever felt like your quirky ideas were pushed to the side as stupidity or foolish?

I was told so many times as a child that I was stupid, I declared the word a swear word with my now young family.

I know you too have your hurts from the past.  The ones you carry with you, that inspire you to be stronger and braver and more resilient.  I know you’ve felt those feelings of inadequacy, that pop up whenever you want to take that leap of faith into the more abundant and successful you.

Today I’d like to remind you how much you’ve grown and how much stronger you are as a result of your past pain and experiences.  The brave in you comes from a place where others can only imagine.  The truth in you is greater than your story, and it lies in your heart.

Your heart has a greater capacity to love than all the pain you’ve experienced.  Take some time today to open it just a little more and feel your brave rushing through you.  Call on this power to fuel you in times of self-doubt and anxiety.  As a sensitive, you’re more susceptible to the ebbs and flows of those around you, and the universal patterns of the planets.

Take a little time today for solace, reflection and planning.  It might be time for you to build on your knowledge and awareness so you can be of greater service to others.  Find opportunities for you to be the guiding light for others in despair.

Try not to hold back your wisdom through fear of exposure.  If there’s a part deep inside you that fears the world knowing your deepest pain and dreams, give it some light today by sharing your story.  The connections you make outside your wall of security will strengthen your brave and your love for yourself and your community.  It will also lighten your load and grow your bond with those close to you.

Look for the areas where you’re repeating your hurt.  I seem to surround myself with strong minded women, who may not be responsive to my simplistic view on the world.  I’m starting to feel stronger and braver expressing my thoughts and feelings.  As a result, the reaction I receive is starting to shift from a patronising pat on the head to consideration and consultation.

Where are you growing from your pain?  Or, are you repeating your pattern and holding yourself from your true brave?

I call on your big brave today.  What will it take for you to share yourself with more people and be of service in ways you’ve only dreamed of.  You have the power to bring light to the world through your wisdom and experience.  Holding back your truth robs you of the energy that fuels your brave.

Take that next step, plan out your next big job, relationship, move or business and trust in your own unique brave.

“Our Fate lives within us, YOU only have to BE Brave enough to SEE IT” (Merida, Disney’s Brave)

Be BRAVE and your love will be felt and your vibration empowered.  Remember your worth, and create value in everything you do.  Your brave and kindness is what makes you unique and masterful.

Love your hurt, breath in your brave and shed light with kind service.

Sending you all the brave in my heart.

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Jude's a professional Life Coach, who helps women build confidence, so they can create incredible lives.

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