How to re-wire your brain into RECEIVING more

How to re-wire your brain into RECEIVING more

So much of what you do, as the gorgeous human you are, is give.  When was the last time you allowed yourself to receive?  And, if you can remember the last time you allowed someone else to help or give you something, how did you feel?

Did you feel guilty or grateful?  Did you feel deserving, or that you now owe someone a favour?

If you’re feeling lack in any area of your life, be it, love, money, support or clients, I encourage you to examine where you’re not willing to receive.

Everything has a flow.

If you’re constantly giving out and feeling depleted, how can you balance your energy and allow more to come in?

You deserve the richness of life to flow to you, as well as, through you.

Lack is an internal energy that surfaces when you’re ready to receive.

Is there a part of you that aches for control, guiding you down the path of resistance and tension?

Receiving is the act of inner generosity and pure self-love.  Yes, you can receive with love and grace.  It’s ok to say thank you and know you’re worth it!

Here’re some tips to help you along the way:

  1. Know what you want.  Although this may sound like a DAH, moment, but designing your own life takes conscious awareness and a high level of responsibility.  How can you choose to receive anything when you you’re not clear on what you want?  Start with small requests for help, let go of control, and trust it will come to you.
  2. You MUST be brave.  Open your mouth and say what you want out loud.  Just say it!  Loud, bold, and brilliant!  Tell someone.  I know this may seem a little scary (ok, terrifying), but when you stand in your own power and delivery your request to life, I want you to feel it in every inch of your body.  It needs to resonate in every cell.  Own your desires!
  3. Don’t sensor the source.  Be willing to receive from anyone and everyone!  The universe is a crazy and sometimes incomprehensible space.  What you want, may come from the most unlikely people and places.  Let go of your control, judgement and expectations to allow what needs to come.   It will always come at the perfect time, from the perfect source.
  4. Change your behaviour.  When the gifts start to come, SAY YES!  THANK YOU!!! Not, ‘no, I’m ok, it’s ok, I can handle it’.  You must shift your internal programming to allow goods things into your life.  Everything is a gift.  Everything is an opportunity for change.  Everything is available to you, if you say YES, and allow it in!

It all starts with your willingness to receive.  You may not believe you deserve it yet, but if you just allow yourself to be open to receiving more, more will come.

Your new mantra “I am willing to allow myself to receive”

Please note:  If more love, money, support or clients is what you desire, and you don’t respect and nurture them when they come, they’ll leave you as quickly as they arrived.

Respect and nurture what you already have.  Show it love and attention.  Care for the energy you want to expand, and more will come.

Express gratitude for what you have.  Receive.  Express Gratitude.  Receive.  Express Gratitude. (etc etc… you get the picture…)

This is a BIG thing for all of us, and I want you to believe you deserve the riches of life.  Until then, re-wire your brain, start changing your behaviour, let go of control, and trust that in time, you’ll be a beacon for everything you want!

Heaps of love your way beautiful!

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