Rock Your SLOW!

Rock Your SLOW!

When’s the last time you stopped, and really took stock of your accomplishments?

Was it your last emotional/mental or physical breakdown?  Probably not.  You were too sick, tired, exhausted or in pain to really take it in!

The Earth moves slowly.  Have you noticed?

We humans, are the most driven mob of animals on the planet.  Rushing for this, aiming for that.  Exhausting every possible opportunity, in our thirst for more.  We even strive for our peace!

I took time out this morning to eat breakfast on my secluded deck, just to remove myself from the noise of two robust boys.  I didn’t move with peace and calm, I literally ran there and shut the door, praying they wouldn’t follow me!  (They did…)

What’s happened to the calm time for reflection and acknowledgement?  I’m too busy, I’m running late, I just have to finish this proposal/work task/event!

It’s in the NOT DOING where the muse arrives.  It’s in the NOT DOING where the joy lies.

It’s in the NOT DOING where you finally take stock of everything you’ve come to be, and everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Drink water.  Watch the trees bend in the wind.  Feel the light breeze touch your skin.  And remember what it took for you to get here.

The sweat, the tears, the love, the passion.  You’re the most perfect reflection of all your past experiences rolled into one, unique, vibrant, vessel, of love.

It’s in the slow where ideas are processed, learning is opened, and where the light triggers the flow.  Synchronicities appear.  Receptivity is abundant, and headaches disappear.

Rock your slow today, and live your joy.

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