How to Shift from Self-Doubt into Creative Mastery

How to Shift from Self-Doubt into Creative Mastery

What does it take, to become who you want to be, before you know it, and feel it in your heart?

Do you fake it till you make it?  What happens when that’s not enough? And you find yourself constantly reminded by yourself and those around you, that you’re not there yet, and the doubt creeps in…

What if I fail? What if this is a mistake? Can I really do this?  But I don’t know how, or what I’m doing yet!  Maybe I should just go back to what I know…

If these are the thoughts you’re thinking, I have one word to say, YIPPEE!!!

You’ve made it into the creative process, and this isn’t an easy journey!  Your resolve will be tested and your courage will shimmer and shake, but the rewards of your persistence and commitment will lift you up and carry you on.

Your inspiration grew from the wisest and purist part of your soul.  It’s no coincidence that you aspire to your unique dream, it’s truth.  It’s YOUR truth.


Dig deep into your base chakra and pull out your beauty!  Nurture your health, connect to the Earth and remember who you are! (If you haven’t completed the StrengthsFinder test yet, and you’re wondering who you are, get your butt over there today and reconnect).

Hold true.  You know what you like, you know what you don’t like.  Don’t over think it!  You are who you are, and you want what you want.  Embrace it!  Own it!  Be it!


Your heart feels alive with desire.  Desire is the first feeling in the creative process.  Please don’t dismiss your desire to create.  It’s now time to get very clear on what it is you want to create.  Trust that your intuition will guide you to people and opportunities that will support and encourage you along the way.

Your desire doesn’t need to be understood by your man, or your dearest friends. It just needs to be your idea, your aspiration of something greater.  The idea may not even be fully formed yet, but it’s there, waiting, wanting.


Your desire starts deep in your heart, as a knowing, and as you keep stepping forward, awkwardly and maybe stumbling at first, the feeling starts to get stronger.  You start to automatically know what to say yes to, your clarity grows clearer.

It’s a feeling sensation to embody a new vibration, it’s a new way of being, from the inside out.  It takes an unwavering grasp of your truth, trust in yourself and the constant small steps of action, moving you forward.  Shifting your consciousness and realigning with your truth.


Now is not the time to go on a 3-day bender!  Now is the time to slow down, check in with the white space, and most importantly ask for help!  A seed needs the support of the sun, rain and earth to grow. You’re the same. The only difference is; a seed knows exactly what it’s purpose is. It possesses an unwavering truth.  Your purpose, is to create your inspirations.  On a continual basis.  And they will change and shift over time.

This idea may not be the ‘be all and end all’, but it’s one step on the journey of your creation.  It will lead to the next idea, then the next.  Let go of the outcome and create to be service for others.

Excellence is born from patience, persistence and a strong desire to learn, evolve and keep moving forward.

You have excellence in you, I see it and I love you for it!  Now it’s time for you to acknowledge it, and see it within yourself.

See your excellence growing, living and thriving.  Surround yourself with people who believe in you, inspire you and see the best in you.  Talk to people, ask for help and say yes to something scary because you know you should.

I know you’re afraid, if you weren’t, it wouldn’t mean anything, it wouldn’t be real! But you are afraid, and that’s where the juice comes from. Squeeze it, move it, shake it, dance it out, but don’t you dare give up!

You’re too important!

Feel the love deep inside and trust it with all your heart.  Surround yourself with people who believe in you and keep going.

Sending you bucket of love today and honouring everything that makes you, you.

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