The C word!

The C word!

Ok, so I’ve made my boys sit through the new Cinderella movie at least 3 times now!  I think they managed 30 minutes each viewing, but I kept persisting…

My love for this movie is simple, the message resonated with me on a very deep level.


Without courage, the world we see doesn’t change.  Our perspective stays the same.  There’s no leaps of faith, no wanting more, no time for crazy adventure and unexpected achievement.  There’s just the constant niggle of dissatisfaction.

Without courage there’s no growth, no learning and no exposure to pain.  Without courage there’s safety and stillness but no fame.

Courage is the fire that burns inside you.  The smile on your face in the midst of fear and judgement.  Courage lifts you up and begs to see more of you.  Always wanting your most brilliant self to claim your achievements.  Courage is the friend who taps her finger, impatiently wanting you to take that first step.

Courage and love are fears companions, always by her side, but with greater strength and momentum.

She calls to you every day “Get UP”, “Yes you CAN”, “I Believe In YOU!”

She lives deep in your heart and is always there, waiting for you to take flight.

Courage is the rock that builds momentum over time.  What starts out as a little pebble, has the potential to form boulders, that can shape the world.

Shape your world today with your courage.  Plan it out.  Take one step each day towards something greater, something bigger than you can imagine right now.

Channel your courage and build your momentum.  Everything you are is needed right now.

How to bring out your big C:

  • Make a decision, choose what you want, create your picture
  • Plan it, break it down, schedule it, commit to it
  • Ask for help


Sending bucket loads of courage your way right NOW,

With love and gratitude

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