Where the juice flows

Where the juice flows

I can’t remember how many times I’ve fought against the tide.  It’s like a never-ending battle of will, determined to sail.  Rain.  Hail.  Or shine.

And then it happens… I let go.

It’s like a part of me just gives up, to allow the energy to settle.  I find myself back in the slow.  And remember how well I create and function in the slow pace of time.

The quality of my thoughts, triple.  The quality of my kindness is amplified.  And the quality of my service is humbled.

Taking the time to develop quality, is far greater than delivering rushed production.

In the fast-passed world, of ‘let’s have everything yesterday’, it takes a lone ranger to stand still long enough and ask for the time to deliver something of quality.

Where the rush of life doesn’t hear the voice of panic.  Where the creative can explore, and take the risk of failure without anxious probing.

Where your heart gets a chance to feel completely the events that are happening, rather than being the afterthought of progress.

Where your heart sets the pace and your brilliant mind, covers the corners of imagination.  Where your body lifts and is so invigorated, that the corners of your mouth nearly touch your ears.

This is the place where magic begins, develops and is created.

Take your slow to another level of creation.  Share with careful thought as to what you’re willing to produce.  Extend the best of everything you are in the moment, and let that expression be perfect for you.

Others may comment, discuss and share.  But it will be YOUR heart that matters the most.  To share something personal and pure is the greatest gift of life.

Share your heart.  Take the time to create.  Breathe in your life.

Wishing you the most precious day!

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Jude's a professional Life Coach, who helps women build confidence, so they can create incredible lives.

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