Who’s Your Tribe… And, are you looking for new members?

Who’s Your Tribe… And, are you looking for new members?

You know your tribe. 

They’re the ones who’ll fight for you, stand up for you, stretch themselves for you, and die for you.  They’re the ones who’ll rally behind you when you’re down or afraid.  They’re the ones who know when something’s up, but give you space to find your own way.

They’re the ones who span the years of time, but can still talk crap in the back yard.

They’re the ones who’ve helped you become the amazing beacon you are today.  Their light has lifted you up and brought you back down to ground.

In your tribe you feel safe and secure.  You feel at ease and casual.

But, have you ever had the feeling, that it’s time to expand your tribe?  Or bring in new members to create new experiences?

Are you at the threshold of something great, even epic, but feel like you’re holding yourself back from progress?  Like you can’t find the resources or people to take you to the next level?

You love your tribe with all your heart, and you know they’ll be with you forever, but you also know it’s time to lift and look for new members to learn from.

New influences to infuse with.  New leaders to bind with.  New innovators to innovate with?

I hear you, and I’m there with you.

If you’re on the ledge, armed with your iridescent winged parachute and looking to take flight, look to your new inspirations and ask for help.  Are your mentors offering a mastermind group?  Maybe you’re ready to create your own mastermind group.  Your own personal tribe of brilliant minds fusing to help you grow and prosper.

Who’s around you?  What’s around you now?

Have you refused help believing you’re not good enough to take part in the conversation, not smart enough, not educated enough?

Have you shied away from a new group of innovators believing you can’t afford it or that you’re ‘not ready’?

I’m here to remind you how awesome, brilliant and resourceful you already are.  Your insight might just be the medicine for the minds you aspire to become.  They’re waiting for you to step in and step up!

Enroll in that course, apply for that new job, join that inspiring group or create your own.  You’re needed right now to bring all that you are to the people you connect with.

Surround yourself with the people you aspire to become.

It’s hard to stay stationary too long.  Look to the side, above, below and around for anyone who’s a little further down the track than you.

Open your heart and ask for help.  Riches and rewards meet you along the journey.

Passionate people are always attracted to enthusiasm.

Get clear on what you want, and your new tribe will come, with open arms and wells of knowledge.

If you’re looking for a new tribe to join, or new perspectives to nourish, tell someone, share something or leave a comment.  I’d love to hear your voice.

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