Within the presence of joy

Within the presence of joy

In everything you’ve been through, and within everything you hope to achieve, there’s always a presence of joy.

Joy can manifest in the struggle to overcome, or in the pain of loss.  Joy can rest in the presence of a smile, or in the giggle of a child.  Joy is the one divine force that encourages you to walk taller today, and be braver tomorrow.

The joy of life, lifts even the most sorrowful eyes.  It heals the emotions, and gives light to conflict.  Joy can be found in the opening of a beautiful rose, in the smell of the rainforest, or in the touch of a lover.

Joy can be a quiet moment of reflection, or a shared tear with a friend. 

Joy is in everything and everyone.  If you’re able to stand still long enough, for the soft breeze to drift past you and light you up with hope, your life will be rich and whole, content in the moment of joy.

I know your pain, and I hear your struggle, but today… witness the joy.  Free your limitations, open your mind and release what’s holding you back.  Allow your joy to flow through you, and bring with it all the riches of life.

Receive it with open arms.  Let it tingle your fingers and reach the corners of your mouth.  Today, sparkle with brilliance and feel connected to all the pleasure joys allows into your life.

You’re special, you’re needed and you’re alive.  Allow the Earth to fuel your wellness and protect you with warmth and peace.  This is your time to shine and share your wonder with glorious joy.

Sending you kisses of joy today and forever!

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